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We stream your pre-recorded videos
24/7 on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook

If you're a content creator, you could potentially be missing out on significant sources of revenue.


Significantly increases your traffic and expands your audience by creating 24/7 live streams from your pre-recorded videos. These are streamed on an infinite loop on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

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By streaming your videos continuously, 24/7, throughout the year, JUST STREAM significantly enhances the traffic and income of your YouTube channel. Moreover, it enables you to diversify your business by streaming your videos on platforms such as Twitch and Facebook as well.

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Fully Automatic

You don't need a powerful computer to begin streaming. With Just Stream, the stream is launched and managed directly, eliminating the need for high-end hardware.

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Extremely Easy

Simply upload the video or provide us with the YouTube URLs of the videos you wish to stream, and we will create a loop based on your selections. It's as straightforward as that.

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Passive income

Streams exhibit a superior audience retention rate, resulting in higher advertising costs for such videos. Breathe new life into your content by embracing the power of live streaming.


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Choose a package

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Upload your videos or copy and paste their YouTube URLs.

You have up to 200 GB of storage space available.

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Set up your stream on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

Create a playlist with the videos you've uploaded and let JUST STREAM handle the rest.

How it works

How to use Just Stream

What Creators Say


Our Plans

Choose a plan and enjoy a 7-day trial for free of our 24/7 streaming loop service. You can cancel at any time.

One 24/7 stream

Cancel Anytime



Three 24/7 streams

Cancel Anytime



Two 24/7 streams

Cancel Anytime



Four 24/7 streams

Cancel Anytime





ASMR Barber YouTube Channel

You don't need to do anything; simply relax and let Just Stream handle the streaming for you. :-)

Indian Massage YouTube Channel

I've always wanted to stream on Twitch, but my content requires post-production work. 'Just Stream' has solved this issue. Now, my new Twitch account serves as an additional source of monetization.

The Quiet Barbershop YouTube Channel

Live streaming was always a significant challenge for us. This service has created streaming loops that have helped us distribute our content more effectively. We highly recommend it.

success story

 The Success Story of 'The Quiet Barbershop'

'The Quiet Barbershop', an established ASMR YouTube channel, ventured into the world of Twitch with JUST STREAM. After subscribing to JUST STREAM's continuous streaming service, they effortlessly began streaming their pre-recorded content on Twitch.

The results were astounding! With no additional effort, they gained 913 new followers and made $190.70 in 30 days. 

The Quiet Barbershop Twitch Analytics

The Quiet Barbershop's success story underlines the potential of JUST STREAM's service for creators looking to broaden their reach with minimal effort. Not only did the benefits surpass the subscription cost, but they also unlocked new audiences and diversified content delivery.

Subscribe to JUST STREAM today, set your content on autopilot, and experience the transformative power of passive streaming.


Watch The Quiet Barbershop's journey on Twitch: The Quiet Barbershop.

  • What is JUST STREAM?
    JUST STREAM is a live streaming service that enhances your online presence by creating 24/7 streams from your pre-recorded videos on popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.
  • On which platforms can I stream?
    You can stream on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Additionally, we offer the option to stream on any platform that supports the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).
  • Can I stream on multiple platforms at the same time?
    Yes, you can stream on multiple platforms simultaneously. Each stream is independent, meaning you can have four streams on YouTube or stream to four different platforms at the same time.
  • How much video storage does JUST STREAM provide?
    JUST STREAM provides up to 200 GB of storage, allowing you to upload and manage a large library of content for your live streams.
  • What video quality is supported by JUST STREAM?
    To enhance performance and optimize space utilization, JUST STREAM has implemented Full HD streaming. This allows you to stream over a week's worth of diverse content, ensuring you have ample opportunity to engage your audience.
  • What is the maximum duration of a video for streaming?
    The duration of your video is only constrained by the server's storage capacity. You get 200GB of storage, which translates to around 10 Days of Full HD content.
  • How can I increase my traffic with JUST STREAM?
    By uploading your videos or pasting your YouTube URLs into JUST STREAM, you'll create a constant stream of content, increasing your visibility, growing your audience, and boosting your online traffic.
  • What kinds of live streaming subscription plans does JUST STREAM offer?
    JUST STREAM offers four subscription plans, each providing an additional live stream compared to the previous tier, maximizing your content distribution and audience reach.
  • Can I try JUST STREAM's live streaming service for free?
    Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial of our live streaming service. Enjoy our 24/7 streaming loop service and you can cancel at any time if it doesn't suit your needs. Please note that during the 7-day free trial, there will be a watermark on the video. The watermark will automatically disappear after the trial period.
  • How do I manage my JUST STREAM subscriptions?
    You can manage, upgrade, or cancel your JUST STREAM subscriptions through your account settings at any time.
  • Can I use JUST STREAM for post-production content?
    Absolutely! JUST STREAM is perfect for streaming post-production content, allowing you to showcase your polished videos 24/7 on your preferred platforms.
  • Will there be any branding or marks on my video during the 7-day free trial?
    Yes, during the 7-day free trial, your live streams will feature a tiny logo watermark positioned in the top right corner of the video. This watermark is subtle and won't affect the overall viewability of your content. It's there to identify the content as part of the trial period and will automatically disappear once the trial is over.

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