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Scheduling Multiple YouTube Live Streams: A Comprehensive Guide

Establishing a connection with your audience is key to developing a dedicated and loyal fan base. Yet, as a content creator, balancing various tasks can make it difficult to organize live streams that coincide with your audience's availability. Fortunately, YouTube and Just Stream provide functionalities that not only help in managing your time but also keep your audience informed about upcoming live events. This article will guide you through the steps to efficiently schedule multiple live streams on YouTube using Just Stream, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to engage with your audience.

1. Log in to YouTube Studio

Begin by logging into your YouTube account and navigating to YouTube Studio, the central dashboard for managing your channel.

2. Plan Your Live Stream

In the YouTube Studio, locate and click on the 'Create' button at the top right corner, then select 'Go Live.' This will direct you to the 'Live Control Room.' In the 'Live Control Room,' instead of opting for 'Stream,' select 'Schedule Stream' in the left sidebar. Pre-scheduling your stream helps you share the event details with your audience in advance.

Scheduling Multiple YouTube Live Streams
Scheduling Multiple YouTube Live Streams

3. Configure Your Stream

Following that, tap on the 'Schedule Stream' button situated in the upper-right corner of your screen. This will present you with the choice of either applying the settings from a past scheduled stream by choosing it from the list or initiating a new stream by clicking 'Create New.'

Scheduling Multiple YouTube Live Streams

4. Enter Stream Details

Fill in the necessary details for your stream, including the title, description, and tags. Utilize relevant tags to enhance the visibility of your stream. Additionally, set the date and time for the stream. It is crucial to select 'Streaming software' as your broadcast type. This enables you to leverage the capabilities of Just Stream and other streaming software. Also, remember to enable monetization if you wish to generate revenue from your stream.

5. Repeat for Additional Streams

For scheduling several live streams, simply replicate steps 2-4 for each individual stream. This approach ensures a steady stream of content for your viewers.

6. Promote Your Scheduled Stream

After scheduling your live streams, share the links on your social media platforms, website, or via email to generate excitement and ensure higher attendance.


Scheduling multiple live streams on YouTube is a simple yet effective way to manage your content, increase your reach, and maximize engagement. Sharing your scheduled streams on various platforms helps to generate excitement and ensures higher attendance. Additionally, selecting 'Streaming software' as your broadcast type allows you to leverage the full potential of Just Stream and other streaming software.

Explore Just Stream for all your streaming needs. With plans offering up to 4 streams, you can maximize your reach and make a more significant impact. Upgrade your plan today and elevate your content to new levels!


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