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How to Retrieve Your Streaming Keys: A Step-by-Step Guide for YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook


Live streaming pre-recorded videos is a potent way to consistently engage your audience, and Just Stream simplifies this process by facilitating non-stop streaming on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. To make full use of Just Stream, you need to retrieve your "streaming keys" from these platforms. Here's a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to do just that, keeping in mind the need for unique and plagiarism-free content.


1. Start at YouTube Studio: After logging into your YouTube account, navigate to YouTube Studio, the command center for all your channel activities. Here, you can oversee everything from videos to analytics and live streaming settings.

2. Setting Up Your Stream Schedule: Navigate to your YouTube Studio dashboard and locate the 'Create' button in the upper right corner, then select 'Go Live'. It's recommended to pick 'Schedule Stream' from the side menu, rather than 'Stream'. Scheduling your live streams not only helps you stay organized but also lets your audience know when to tune in.

Go live YouTube link

3. Initiating a New Stream: The next step involves setting up a new stream. To do this, click the 'Schedule Stream' button situated at the top-right of your screen. You have the option to replicate the settings from a previous stream by picking it from the list or start fresh with 'Create New'. Fill in the essential details including title, description, tags, and schedule a date and time for the live stream.

Schedule stream button

4. Setting the Stream Type: When scheduling your stream, it's essential to ensure you select 'Streaming software' under the option 'Choose a broadcast type for your stream.' This choice enables you to harness the full potential of Just Stream's capabilities, ensuring your stream runs smoothly and efficiently.

YouTube Streaming key

5. Monetization: Additionally, don't overlook the crucial step of monetizing your stream. While setting up your new stream, ensure you navigate to the 'Monetization' section and adjust the settings according to your preferences. This ensures you receive monetary returns for your content, creating a sustainable channel that can thrive over time.

6. Find your stream key: In this section, locate a field labeled "Stream Key." This is your unique key that links your YouTube channel to your Just Stream software. Remember to copy this for Just Stream configuration.

YouTube Streaming key

Remember, your stream key is sensitive information. Never share it publicly.


1. Navigate to your Dashboard: Once you've logged into your Twitch account, seek your profile picture positioned at the top-right corner. From the subsequent dropdown menu, click on "Creator Dashboard." This space is your central hub for controlling and managing your Twitch channel operations.

Twitch live streaming

2. Find 'Settings': Look for a tab in the left-hand column titled 'Settings' under 'Video Producer'. Click on this tab, and then select the 'Stream' option to access your streaming setup.

3. Retrieve your stream key: Inside these settings, there's a field called 'Primary Stream key.' This key is essential for your Just Stream arrangement and should be copied meticulously.

Twitch streaming key

As with YouTube, it's crucial to keep your Twitch stream key confidential to avoid unsolicited streaming on your channel.


1. Enter Live Producer: First, log into your Facebook account. From here, select 'Live Video' at the top of your News Feed, guiding you to Facebook's Live Producer tool.

YouTube Streaming key

2. Choose Your Stream Type: To start streaming immediately, you'll want to click on the 'Go Live' button. This initiates a live stream right away. If, however, you plan on scheduling your stream for later, select the 'Create Live Video Event' option instead. Remember, Facebook has a limit of 8 hours for each stream, so planning your content accordingly is essential.

Streaming key for facebook

3. Get Your Stream Key: To obtain your stream key, navigate to 'Select a video source'.

Opt for the 'Persistent Stream Key' which ensures that your key remains constant. This constant key makes it easier to set up your streams in the future as it can be reused in Just Stream, saving you time and effort.

Facebook streaming key location

Like the other platforms, ensure your stream key remains confidential to protect your Facebook live streaming.

Conclusion for Streaming Keys: Guide for YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook

Extracting your streaming keys from YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook for Just Stream might appear complex initially, but as our guide demonstrates, it's a linear, manageable task. Equipped with these keys, you're all set to schedule and stream your pre-recorded videos around the clock via Just Stream.

Remember, your streaming keys are akin to passwords, so handle them with care to safeguard your live streams. As a result, you can focus on what matters most - engaging with your audience and delivering fantastic content.


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